Reviews for "Band on the Run"


this is the most laughter i've had on newgrounds in a while.... i loved it, please bash more r&b in your movies that would rock! I'm sick of this rap and R&B crap! SICK SICK SICK SICK OF IT! lol. you kick ass im gonna watch the rest of your movies....

kidney scrapa

i got sensitive kindneys and you know you got a kindney scrapa..... oh my god... thank you


lol. this is some of your best!

pretty boring and stupid

at least it has color in it lol


That was realy funny. And man did Brian (the kidney scraper) sounded soo much like all the "punk rockers" in my school. but he didn't curse enough to be like them. anyway the movie is good, funny, gay, and perverted the for food groups for wiiner at the academy awards.