Reviews for "Band on the Run"

you are the best!

hahaah marc your animations are very funny, I love the cringeworthy and hilarious stuff the characters say and do. Band on the run is one of my favourites especially the "angry and dark and twisted" part. You and David Firth are the best storytellers and animators on this site. Superior humour. It seems that some people just don't get your stuff though.....probably better that way. Keep up the fucking great work!

PS I'd love it if your stuff played on the big screens in Piccadilly circus all day for one day. The look on people's faces would be something to die for.


ok im cool with gays and all but i seriously need to kill this athour hes takin it wayyyy to far

Gayness xD

Funny stuff there! Good job :)

Oh god, he really is stupid.

Since RedMax AKA 'I actually used a 1 instead of an excalamation' (I didn't think people were really that non-observant and idiotic) gave you a 0 for everything but humour. I gave you a ten for everything but humour.
Which I gave the same rating as him.

Because when you think about it. The opposite of middle, really is, middle.

Anyway. I think (if your not an idiot) that this movie is meant to trigger redneck conservatives who are too intellectually void to be using the internet (such as RedMax) into a homicidal frenzy.

"The funniest jokes are Dick and fart jokes, if you can include gays in that mixture, 10/10"--Kevin Smith, Writer and Director.

A hell of a lot better on second view.

Didn't think it was that great the first time watching, but damn I laughed my ass off when I got past the whole weird gay scene at the beginning.

"You get all tatted up and I'll get all fatted up, meaning I'm gonna fuck fat chicks."

I loved the shit with Missy Elliot too. Fucking funny shit man. Good entry Marc.