Reviews for "Band on the Run"

Man that's fucked

Jesus... the guys kissing, was just fucked up...


This is sick and twisted, and I love it cause its funny. Truth be told if this wasnt funny I wouldve blammed this.

dayum 0_o

the voice of the manager was great something about it, this is only the second animation i've seen of yours and so far i'm diggin it, great stuff 8-)#

Super Duper Funny!!! But.....

Hey hey, man!

I can relate to those two guys. I'm in a band right now, and I REALLY do wanna make the band well-known. We recorded a year ago, but we didn't start gigging until this year.

Anywho, VERY funny stuff. But WHEN are you gonna come up with a SEQUEL to this??? I'd like to see what happens next to these two.



I laughed at this one. xD Especially the whole, "Shut-up!" "No you shut-up!" -Smirk... Gay hand slaps!-. o_o; Laughed.