Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"

NICE! made me laugh like crazy

i loved how the ice cream machine was mocking the boy and saying ''machines will rise and rule the world''
i also loved the part where the machine was STILL talking to himself (TOASTERS LOL) after the boy left,what made me laugh most,was his insanely cheesy laugh at the end before the replay button popped up!
Great job,i look forward to your movies/games in the near future!

that was great

hahaha great job ... i would love to see someone fighting with an ice cream machine in real life

Creativity at it's best.

very funny only problem is the machine is a little hard to understand at times.

you kick @ss

your a very great animator very original too gave it a 5 out of 5


Dude. I love this. It made me laugh so hard.
I want your baby.