Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"

This was great!

I loved everything, the animation the jokes the voices, everything was great! Keep up the good work!

One word:Whoa!

This is the best flash ive seen.It has great animation and awesome originality.All in all keep up the good work.


man that boy took the ice cream in the stomache like a REAL G.whatever that means :P but it's still good stuff i like it i like it make more make more

An icecream machine talking to a guy?

Strange story. Nice bodylanguage though and the voice acting was good. Now to the guy called AC500Below (WTFastrancename) which must be blind or stupid. He gave you 0 in everything except for the overall score 9. Strange, because you even said the graffics were like real. Nice movie though.

Love it

That was an awesome movie. The only thing was I couldn't understand what some of the lines were. Anyone know what the machine and the boy say through the whole movie?