Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"


Well the intro was very neat, and added the quirky element very well. The main character was a very funny character, and his voice went well with his age. A funny element in this flash was the great diolauge, with the incream machines commets, and the blinking green light was well done and fitting with the machine voice. AS for graphics very fun, and a fresh style of images and drawings. The plot to have a boy get his cream and then be confused by a crazed incream mahcine was icredibly funny. Lip syncs were nice, and facial expressions were suberb. AS for theme very detailed, and the short style of flash humor was great. The ice cream machines final commets were really funny, and some creative jokes and the combacks were gnarly.

Sound affects and music affects were simple, but tied in very well. Overall a very funny fresh style of humor, and the machines and boy fighting back and forth with commets was suberbly well done.

I think it was great.

The kids voice was annoying,but he did say funny things.Screw what these other bastards siad man.U didn't make him swear becuase the movie was intended for a younger audience as well as others.I have nothing against6 swearing.My family swear all the time.At each other and our dogs.We are crazy....well great movie.Beautiful animation.


that was the greatest thing i've seen on here in a while


THe animation was nice a fluid, The dialogue was very nice, the ice creame machin was really cool, i like this movie alot keep it up, please

The Age is at Hand.

Fantastic animation and dialogue put this one on my favorite flash movie list.

You've got some major talent. Keep it up.