Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"


I kind of liked it, but i couldn't realy get what the Ice Cream Machine was trying to say... Except the pit at the end where it says "Ill be back!"
That was funny and cool!
Well Done Mate!

An absolutely wonderful short film.

Ed, you are a grand master of your art. The animation was fluid, the plot was very funny, and the voice acting/speech synthesizer was very cool. I commend you on an excellent job!

Great Job!

I thought it was excellent! The graphics were great, the sound was crystal clear, and the concept was hilarious. Not to mention the machine's dialogue! Apsolutely Hilarious! You just have to make another!

Pelt me with ice cream again!

That movie was awesome.

The graphics were very well done, and the animation was smooth as silk. I thought at first it was going to be kind of horrible, but the story was hilarious.

Good work. Very original and awesomely put together.

great idea

it was awesome but how was that "inspired" by a true story i would like to hear it lol