Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"

The best voiceacting since... ever.

I can with an honest heart say that I really loved this one.
It lacked the thing I hate the most; Bad voiceacting. The sound was crystal clear! As was the animation. I can't really find any bad critisism for this one, overall a masterpeice!

Keep up the good work.
Gods_Wrath /Sweden


that was awesome, where did u get that idea???? all i need to say is five!

Simply awesome

Any movie with machines acting like they are going to take over the world is a must see. This movie was made to perfection you will love it. Nice job on making this masterpiece.


That was great. Excellent on the graphics and animation and excellent sound an the style was great. Keep making animations like this. Quality not quantity and u got more quality in this flash than anything. Great

meh it was pretty good

Alright well thje animations was realy smooth, i liked that. the sounds were all on time and really clear. The only problem was that it wasn't that funny. a really god job.