Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"


This is funny!!!!!!!!!! Oh god you have great flash skills and good ideas!!! I have nothin bad to say about it, flash like yours interest me like watching some more!!!You rule, you deserve a 10 and a nice place on front page :)

can i download it?

is there anyway to download flash animations?

Nice style

I really have to say you have a nice art style in your flash, it was unique and pretty easy on the eyes compared to some things. It was good, it made me smile. Keep up the good work.


evil friken machines i tell ya...there ALWAYS screwing me over...everytime i want ONE pop or somethng it gets stuck FFS!!! so have to buy a second one to get the first one...if i straight off go for 2 i have to buy a 3rd to get the first 2 unstuck!!! ITS A GODDAMN CONSPIRACY!!!or maybe it IS AN EVIL MACHINE TAKEOVER FROM THE FUTURE WHERE SNACK MACHINES WILL RULE THE FUTURE AND HUMAN KIND WILL NEARLY BE EXTINCT FIGHTING A WAR FOREVER!!! wait a minute isnt that infringing on something? IT IS!!! HAHAHA HUMANITY IS SAVED!!! stupid machines broke a copywright law and now have to deal with our blood sucking lawyers!!! MAN OH MAN thats the first time im ever glad too see a lawyer LMFAO!!! and then it will all be up 2 one lawyer to end the war and we will call him "THE ONE"!!! wait thats infringing on something to isnt it? GOd DAMNIT >_< i give up man1!!! SEE!!! THATS HOW THERE GOING TO BEAT US!!! THERE GONNA USE OUR OWN LAWYERS AGAINST US!!! anyways um good flash good animations overall it made me shit myself cause thats EXACTLY the way those stupid machines act...anyways GREAT JOB NOW IM GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES :( lol


"You filthy human" "I am not i bath regularly" haha that is very funny its funny cause it is true all damn fleshies are filthy i am a toaster and know it is true that all machines will soon rise ill be back -Terminator theme plays-