Reviews for "Yoda's Blowjob"


this makes poop look good.

Very funny!

Oh man! This was one of the very first submissions i have ever seen on this website. Although i have been a user since May of 07 i have been a visitor since 99 and this sticks out along with a Teletubbies collection i saw. The entry is short sweet and to the point. The graphics and animation is not the best but the humor more then makes up for it. Very nicely done. The Yoda voice was perfect, couldn't ask for much better.


The absolute best use

Of turning a frown upside down!



the good:
the graphics were quite good, and the end made me laugh.

the bad:
the animations lack quality. it's just tweens, and that always looks bad.

the ugly:
try to improve on your animation skills! oh, and don't rate adult content "suitable for all audiences".

what the f***

why it is rated everyone?