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Reviews for "Icarus - Above the Sea"

good job

i often get bored of the electronica and computer based music that you see alot of these days. for a while i thought no one was making any of the good stuff, and well you have proven me wrong. a good thing perhaps as i very much like this music. i did notice that it does have some compurterised sounds but thats later on and over all its a very nice song. i hope you continue to make music like this (i quite like it).

i cant wait to see you make more =P

sorohanro responds:

I make very different music, after 4~5 tracks on same style I take the totally opposite. As you can see now I'm in a Rock mood :))


It sounds like one of them songs that you can drive into the sunset on a Sunday afternoon.

Even though I'm not a Jazz fan, I think this is quite good music :D

sorohanro responds:

Actually it's one of them songs that you can fly into the sunset on a Sunday afternoon.
Thanx for review.


its like massage..

right there, ah! thats good oh thats good....

sorohanro responds:

:)) cool review, thanx


thanks for the ear candy, great sax, love the backround riff going on, and nice guitar too

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review and good mark. actually the sax is a trumpet, I'm a trumpet player. Anyway, I'm glad you like my music.

Very nice!

Gentle beginning there. Really relaxing when the trumpetsex sets in. It kind of reminds a bit of Terranigma for the good old SNES. Very nice mixing, everything is well balanced. Crystal clear sound. The ending is nice as well. Letting it all fade out with the nature sounds.

Props to ya! :D

4.41 / 5.00 (+ 0.0059)

sorohanro responds:

Someone once said that my music suck ballz :))
Thanx for review and constant support.
P.S. I'm workin' on a metal project now ;)