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Reviews for "Icarus - Above the Sea"


Very good song. Normally i prefer jazz without background sound. Just the instruments music. But this was different. The "beach" sound was very nice and it give something to the music. A special thing. I don't now what but it is very good. My congratulations. You impressed me. Continue the good work.

sorohanro responds:

I'm glad that you like my music.
There are not too many jazz fans, or at least not as much as techno fans :))
If you like jazz, I recommend "Thracian Dance" aka "Thracian Dance" on my page, awesome saxophone solo by Petre Radu Scafaru.
Thanx for review.


now all we need is some more double bass and a drummer( a real one)

if u ever need a bass in holland, give me a call ^^

sorohanro responds:

Yep ... that it needs ...
By the way, when I was back home in Romania I used to play in a jazz band called "Swinging Train".
The name of the double bass player is Hollandus Zoltan (Holland ... Hollandus ... Dave Holland ... somehow double bass and Holland have something in common).

it's a wow

it takes me at the beach

sorohanro responds:

it takes you to the beach with an airplane, he he ... thanx for review.


You are easily the most amazing musician on newgrounds. Everything you make , it makes me dream. And there is almost no music that does that to me anymore.
You can go all the way. I mean , why settle for newgrounds ? I think you can have the world at your feet. Amazing trumpets . Everything is simply amazing.
Keep it up.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for the very nice words.
As some people (also from NG) know, I have an album and several recordings as a side musician.
Nowdays I moved to Lithuania and I started a new project (Latin and Bossa-Nova) and stuff ... I'll write more on my "News".

Good Stuff

Usually with Jazz, I prefer a more "raw" sound. Just a core (usually wind) instrument at center stage and maybe some piano/percussion/bass to the side. I would kind of like to hear just the trumpet recording.

Regardless, the overall song is a nice, modern sounding piece.

sorohanro responds:

From Ragtime to Fusion, Jazz have a lot of colors. This was supposed to be more like in Pat Metheny/ Lyle Mays style. For a more raw/ rough sound the main theme is way too "pop".
I do like Hard-Bop approach of music, but achieving the right sound, with all that "live" feeling is quite hard to achieve without a real drummer and a good double bass player.
Thanx for review.