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Reviews for "Icarus - Above the Sea"

dude...you're my freakin' hero

my friend and i are guitarists who are trying to write a song, and this is pretty much exactly what we were going for. that acoustic guitar in the background is just perfect, and...well, I could go on talking about how great everything was, but i think i've said pretty much all the important stuff.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for the very nice review.


So calm so peacful i loved it thanks for the song man!

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for the review, I always like positive feedback :)


I'm not in mood for long review, so I will just say great stuff! Do you play intruments or you use a mixing programe?

sorohanro responds:

I play instruments and I use a multitrack/ sequencer to sequence & record what I do ;)
Thanx for review.


This is epically awesome. The trumpet is superb, and it just sounds like a cool stroll on the beach. Oh, and those third and fifth intervals with the trumpets are gorgeous. Even the synthesizer sounds as smooth as butter. I can tell that you know your stuff, man. It makes me wanna draw inspiration from it instantaneously (jesus why haven't I submitted anything in this category; look at my name for christ sakes!!! lol)
But really,

sorohanro responds:

I have quite a lot of jazz tracks here, mostly with trumpet, but also with guitar.
Thanx for the review, mark and vote.

Never heard anything like it

I like how it has the sound of the ocean in it. Most songs I picture involving the ocean don't have that. Now, I'm thinking a Jazz band performing at a seaside restaurant. Nice looking, sun's either setting or it's night. The place is in Mexico (can hear a little salsa flare in the trumpets). Great work

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for the review.
Very nice and imaginative one. Guess is sunset, at least as I imagine, not night.