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Reviews for "Tarboy Rage"


it's sooooo cool , i will die , seriously I ove this art , I have take it for my wallpaper <3

Tarboy - Nightmare Edition

If this doenst enter in the calendar, someone must die.
Is fucking Epic in so many levels

Tarboy sez: COME AT ME BRO

Only comment, maybe the background doesn't QUITE match the style of the tarboy at the high res.

But that's just me being pedantic ^_^

Hell yeah!

Damn this is awesome! You captured his character so well; angry and primal. From the colors, it appears to represent the birth of Tarboy, rising out of a boiling tarpit. I love the artistic licence you've taken with the hair, making it look like more like an abstract 'drop' by design. Have to say this is the best Tarboy fanart I've seen so far :)

Jazza responds:

I am honored to have such a kind critique. I hope it has earned more hangouts for many years to come. Or at least a high five. Love you baby!


The scourge of robots and paved roads alike!