Reviews for "DJ Clayface - Above Clouds 3.0"

very good! :)

I love the middle of the song. very nice work here. I'm a bass kind of guy so love the kick in the beginning. :) good stuff keep it up. check out my stuff if u got time.


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Love the fast pitch

I think it is way better then above clouds 2.0.
The melodies are awesome, synths are awesome, song is awesome.
As M1tch said, that phaser thing is a tad bit annoying but it's not that bad and I think without it the song wouldn't be quite right.

Yeah, this review probably makes no sense, lol.
- Xaltz

This would have been better if...

(I am giving an honest review because I want to improve, for I see potential.) if you didn't have that really fast phaser on this song, or whatever it is. It sounds like someone is turning the master volume knob really fast, and it doesn't sound right. That is an opinion i supose, but you still earn a 10/10 because you showed you understood how to use off-key notes, pitch changes, and other complex aspects.
Overall, GREAT work, just a that phaser/volume problem and some different choice of synths. Hope to see more from you.



This song is pretty cool man! in the beginning though it sounds like your kick is a little too strong & over powers the other instruments. other than that this is a pretty good song! Ill give it a 9/10 & a 5/5. Really close to a 10/10 though =). Keep it up.

mmmburgers responds:

yeah, ill have to fix up the kick and everything
thanks for the review!