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Was this inspired by Time Bandits

I do love this pic though


This person reminds me of Desmond Tiny from the movie vampires assistant

Interesting indeed

Well this is most interesting. Feels like the guy was hallucinating and barfing on a globe it seems to me. Very interesting piece of work to say the least. The background is very well done too giving the illusion that he is seeing everything above Earth as it happens and breathing smog onto it.

The face is kind of creepy yet bland to say the least. The earth is also well done and very nice looking I think so good work there on that one too. The stars in the universe look cool as well. Very well done.

Overall, interesting...

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Deep :p

This picture is VERY unique!
I love the style used here as it really grabs hold of you, and makes you say "Woah! what the fck am I looking at again?".... in a good way of course.

To me this picture seems like it could hold a thousand different meanings, and I really like that :]

The shading/ color/ lines could have been better, but i understand that you need something better than MS Paint and a mouse also...
You've got a rather unique style, and I'm definitely a fan...

I'll be watching for new stuff my friend, great work!

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Not bad

I like what you tried to show with this drawing, that people are suffering because of the actions of others. That's what I found, atleast; I'll elaborate on this later.

I quite liked the drawing of the old man blowing smoke -- he's crossing his eyes with wrinkles spread out, and blowing smoke out of his mouth. The wrinkles are drawn appropriately so as to show how old he is (60, 70?). I like the little details there -- gradients here and there, but not everywhere, rather where light shines, such as the forehead and the left and right ears.

However, I do find that his lack of arms indicates the picture is either a work in progress or something missing, as his arms could be stretched out and his hands wrapping the earth, while looking downwards with head tilted and blowing smoke on the earth, since you've got a nice torso drawn, but the lack of arms as balance just ruins it. His lack of a stomach is something else entirely, not necessarily needed.

I liked the smoke, however; despite the fact that you had some awkward mixups near the base of the smoke, you having drawn this entirely in paint requires a lot of skill to pull off nicely. I liked the pixelish bow and the collar you drew there; it's in appropriate proportion with the neck and face.

The earth is drawn nicely, being an exact sphere-effect due to the green landmass viewed from space; the background also consists of stars which are tiny in comparison. However, I don't see the presence of a sun, or at the very least you could've added a slight glow to the back of the person's head to make it seem he was in front of the sun. Is that a signature on the bottom right?

All in all, this is a great piece which also shows a deep meaning behind it, mainly the suffering of many and the death of more (your comments), due to the smoke being blown from the man's mouth. The man is presumably the people who are screwing over the earth combined into one giant entity.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Good symbolism
2) Nice art -- in MS Paint! Takes a lot of skill.
3) Lovely detailing
4) Great smoke

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Lack of arms ruins image's potential
2) Lack of stomach?
3) No noticeable sun

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