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Reviews for "He-Man Breaks Down!"

that was great!

Good Job!

that was alright...

it wasn't really tht funny but it was something amusing to watch...outstanding on that hover je car thing...what id you use? Polygon technology or something? Anyway, not bad.


Holy shite dude that was pretty cool, you should do more stuff then RB and He-Man though. But still, haha, it's pretty cool stuff you gots heres.



Well i watched your first episode and i just had to check out this i mean the idea is just brilliant, i thought that you went alittle more original here with your character designs they seemed to look less like what they did and more like a vision of what you wanted them to look like which i thought was really cool. I like the crash of the spaceship i mean the 3d effect was nicely added, and i think most people would under appreciate that. I thought that the ending with them sitting there on the rocks was well done too, having the multiple cuts and not having any progress shown except time was classic. Overall i would love to see you get back into these sorts of shorts, they are original and funny and in the end thats all you want out of a flash.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

score should be higher..

cause that was pretty amusing!