Reviews for "Ice Cream Man 2.0"

seems familure

First off;
The beat sounds almost exactly the same as the others (or a combination of your others), don't be afraid to try something new, challange your guitar/drummer to find a new beat.
"Ok, the line I am the Ice-cream Man, running over kids in my mini-van" is complete take off of two lines i have heard for over 6 years.
"I am the Ice-cream Man, running over fat kids in my van.
When i ring my bell, all the little fat kids run like hell!"
Now, either don't claim that line yours, or at least credit it to where it should be.

With that said, it's an ok song.
Punk isn't my forté, but music holds the same rules no matter the type.


giftedbuttwisted responds:

Ok, the reason the beat sounds like the other songs was this was the first song we ever wrote. Second, the line might be similar but we changed it around, elaborated on it and added verses. Also, you gotta admit, an actual song is cooler than just a schoolyard joke. Anyway, thanks for the review! Peace.


Man...Thats pretty fucking funny.
"I am The Ice-Cream Man, running over kids in my mini-van"
9/10 (Mostly because it's really my sorta song :P)
5/5 though because if I did like this sort of music it would be perfect.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks!! If you like it, download it and send it to some people!


Man If you didn t create song I would download it cuz melody rocks.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks but...what? lol

ice cream man

soooo u work as a ice cream man that runs over children?

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Hahahaha no I don't XD


*Is ur new fangirl*


giftedbuttwisted responds:

Sweet!! You're hot XD