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Reviews for "Anna Kournikova Dress Up"

What is your malfunction people!?

This thing was made at the beginning of the millenium for cryin out loud this thing isnt bran spankin new anymore but it is still good. But an update would be awesome!

I want you guys to know....

that it is not a right picture of her.

It is a pretty good Dress Up game.

$$$The Good$$$

-It's Anna Kournikova. She is pretty hot.
-I liked how Anna was blinking. That was a nice touch to her.
-Some of the clothing she can wear was ok.
-The Music was quite strange but for some reason, I liked it.
-Nakedness is awesome!

$$$The Bad$$$

-There's not enough dresses for her.
-The Music gets really repetitive if you play this game for too long.
-There could be more backgrounds but there aren't.


-Overall, this game was good and I enjoyed playing it. Good Work Wade. Responses are gladly appreciated. :)


woo great game

that was fantastic and i only added humour because she groans when you touch either of her privates


^^Good Points^^
Well, the picture quality was pretty high. It was a nice pose, and fun to play around with. The images you drew yourself were done well, fit the body well, and some of the items were unique additions. I also found the music to be quite entertaining and also very unique.

^^Needs Improving^^
There really aren't many funny items in this game, just a few basic pieces of clothing and really nothing else fun to play with. I understand the main point of this is to see a naked woman, but still, not many good items.