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Reviews for "Anna Kournikova Dress Up"

You suck ass

Um.... Three Simple Words:


SomeOldGuy99 responds:

Come back and try it again after you've gone through puberty. It will all make sense then.

You need more pictures!

That looked so fake!

SomeOldGuy99 responds:

Send me a better fake, and I'll use it.


Hey, how's about we turn NG into a porn site? Anyone up for it? So instead of watching those long, entertaining, and worthwhile movies and games that actually took some effort, we can watch fake pictures of nude celebrities!!! Maybe, just maybe, we can someday have "live sex feeds", or pictures of "barely legal" girls getting it anally or receiving the business end of a cumshot, or even pics of old men fucking squirrels!!!
Ya know, there was an old disclaimer on this site that said a very good message of what this site is and what it stood for. Although I don't remember what or where exactly it is, this isn't it. An anyone who's been coming to this site for more than six months knows that this isn't it. It's shit like this that ruins Newgrounds, whatever Newgrounds is anymore.

SomeOldGuy99 responds:

Newgrounds is about entertainment, and cheap laughs. It started with clubing seals, and killing celebrities. This is just a way to make fun of Anna Kournikova. I think it fits into what Newgrounds is all about. It's not just cheap porn, it's a game. Check out how many views it's getting, people love it. Newgrounds hosts a wide variety of content. If you don't want to watch this type of content, don't go into the dress-up collection, because that's mostly all it is.

god damn

how many of these do we need? really, come on, oohh fake naked celebrities. and good god how fake can you get with that shit?

SomeOldGuy99 responds:

Maybe you should spend less time checking out games that you claim you don't like (even though you took the time to check her out), and make something better.

It's Okay

Not the best dress up game, (Could improve on the outfits a little) But, Hey, I don't use them at all either, I just take everything off just to see what she would look like fake naked.