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Reviews for "Anna Kournikova Dress Up"

Holy Turd

Well i give u credit for actually trying to make this work but..we all know Anna is not that fat!!!...please use your resources for a better cause

It was ok

The sounds weren't to good....and the picture sucked...

you could have done better on the game! 4or 5!

the voice could had been better. i had read all the reviews and gave mostly the average for this. Mostly what i think it could have had more clothing and stuff, the background could have been better. the nosises were ok but it could have been better!! You could had done alot better but you were aright. overall this should be rated a B- or a B. nice nuce pic but not a very good game!Its just too easy to play

sports 101

if yall dont like sports stars nude then dont fucken play this game. if you like girls and want to hear one gettin tuched in all tha rong places then try this out

Barely any pussy.

The screaming part was funny and the cum was funny.