Reviews for "The Picard Song (Lokken)"

I can't belive it...

That one is the best!!! Yot have Ur own style, and all the things were ok. I didn't try to find a point in that, but there were somebody talking...the problem is: they spoke too quietly, so I din't understand, what they were talking about. But still I like it.


HAHHAHAHAHAH thats brill, did u make the song? like the last guy nicly timed and brilliently made

Dammit Jeremy...

You just keep on rolling out excellent things!

The first submission of flash I ever saw (that brought me to newgrounds in the first place) was "Reading Rainbow", and they just keep on getting better.

You are, by far, my favorite artist here.

Its funny, but your humor is similiar to mine...same shows, same movies...you must have been born around 1981-1982.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work!


that's like trekkie crack

I love this video. I can't stop watching this video, and to quote the song it's "quite hypnotic" and addictive. I think i probably watch this thing 5-6 times a day and it never gets old. as for the score, I gave you a 10 for interactivity cuz you can dance to it. accually you feel compelled to dance to it. And the 10 for violence? ewoks firing phasers at Crusher forcing him to dance!! you can't beat that!! Looking forward to more trekkish things from you

Great Song!

This is great! Keep it up!