Reviews for "The Picard Song (Lokken)"


My kind sir YOU are FUCKING GENUIS


Lokken. You're easily one of the best artists on here, I don't get why you're so low on my favs list.

But seriously, when you started, you seemed to have only a rudimenty grasp of flash. And yet you persist enough to rock hard enough to pwn all others. Seriously, there's something right with you.

Heh. I got all drunk by myself to commemorate MC5's release, so my review is kinda sticky, sorry.

The audio manipulation on this movie was awesome. I want to be had by it's author.

Friggen awesoem!

very good animation to fit with such an awesome techno....
like your animation of Worf dancing XD it has a hidden.. what you call it?.... metaphor? Like in the 69ies the Klingon was the equivalent of the Russins... blah noew I am rambling.... anyway do more shit like this!

Here's to one of the finest flash artists Ive seen


I loved the gender bending ending! Too funny!

I now have most of Dark Materia's songs. Very cool stuff.

You both rock!


That was good. I liked the ewoks and dancing worf.... and Q.... Actually, the whole thing rocked.