Reviews for "The Picard Song (Lokken)"


Bloody hell that is the best song about picard and very nice animation, find more songs like this and animate them cuz this is GREAT keep it up


Loved the part with Data dribbling his own head. Haunting image at the end. You should of had Troi in her panties too. You should do ones of the other Star Trek Captains like Kirk (the intergalactic womanizer *wink wink*) This was extremly funny.

Make more Interactive Trek Stories!!!


This is amazing. Makes me laugh everytime. Good job.

Picardsong for win.

Hahaha classic!

That wink at the end killed me. Oh my gosh.:-D

Very nice

I've been watching your flash toons for a while now, but this has to be one of me favourites. Very smooth and entertaining each time. This surely has to be one of your best ones. Nice one! *^_^*

...hang on... EWOKS??? lol! *^_^*