Reviews for "The Picard Song (Lokken)"

Relly good.

This is a great song. Do you know where I can get on my mp3 player?

Dude that was great but...

can u send me the words. ive been tring to get them by listening to this song but i lose it at the hypnotic part. can u plz send them to me. thx.


Dude, I absolutely LOVE all of your Trek videos/games. This is one I most recently discovered. The Picard Song is great (I downloaded it from that site you gave) I can't stop listening to it. You are the man, seriously.

Good, but a Bit Overused

Like a lot of NG users I am quite a fan of the Picard song. Although I do think that this song has been a bit overused in the internet community. It's still nice to see it pop up every once in a while and your use of animation here was pretty nice. The greatest detractor I can think of is cutting the song in half. I would recommend aking a sequel, maybe with Picard at some kind of poetry meeting as this is the turn the song takes after this half ends.

I Love It!

I just love this song. I found it when the link from his enterprise game sent me to his site where I found this brilliant video.
Yay rainbowanimations!