Reviews for "The Picard Song (Lokken)"

Master of Flash

I love all of your animations! Every single one of them deserves praise! I saw this quite a bit ago on your home page though. I wonder how you got Q to look like that, his lips are perfect and the wrinkles on his yead, the face and everything. Great work. It was awsome to use that song too. My favorite part is Picard's head spinning. Made me laugh the whole way through. A+

make more

you should make the longer verson of the picard song and frame of mind and the worf song PLZ

JeremyLokken responds:

Frame of mind was just too weird. The worf song is hilarious and it might spark my interest well enough to animate to it!

that's like trekkie crack

I love this video. I can't stop watching this video, and to quote the song it's "quite hypnotic" and addictive. I think i probably watch this thing 5-6 times a day and it never gets old. as for the score, I gave you a 10 for interactivity cuz you can dance to it. accually you feel compelled to dance to it. And the 10 for violence? ewoks firing phasers at Crusher forcing him to dance!! you can't beat that!! Looking forward to more trekkish things from you


that was funny *hums tune*


hahahaha. damn that shit was funny.