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Reviews for "The Tone Fulps"


There's nothing wrong with this picture. It has a good theme, the guitars and everything fit really well. And most importantly, it seems really finished.

The comical style of this piece of art is great too. The small details like the crack on the floor finish the piece completely. I also like how you did the background. Where there would normally be an ''empty'' space, is now even more detail.

Maybe some sort of audience would make it even better. Some flowers being thrown at them (Or rotten tomatoes) would give it even more an idea of a concert. Now it looks like they're not playing, especially with the drummer holding his drum sticks to his chest. Some musical notes in the piece will give a more dynamic feel.

Good work

A very good picture. I like the comical style here a lot, especially because the whole picture has this comical style. So everything blends in very well.

I also like the idea of the three newgrounds characters (and a fourth unknown one for the drums) playing together in a band. Going along with this is the setlist in the comments. Really good work here.

As for the characters: Pico reminds me a bit of Ziggy Stardust, Nene... well, I don't know. At first I was thinking of Aretha Franklin, but she looks different. Janis Joplin also looks different, but the clothes fit. Darnell, I really have no idea. And the drummer looks like one of the characters from the Gorillaz, while his drum kit looks like the one the Beatles used.

Anyway, very nice picture!

{ Review Request Club }

Aigis responds:


Very Interesting!

Everything about this picture looks unique.

I love how you've given all the characters their own style, straight out of a different era for each, and although I cant name them all, I'd say the drum kit looks like something the Beatles would use.

The colour in this pops out wonderfully and all the shading and shadows looks great. I really cant fault it there, I can tell you've put a lot of time and effort into it.

Everything has a good level of detail to it, whether its the floor and walls, or the clothes that the characters are wearing, and the background also looks similar to the skyline in the Newgrounds logo.

I'm not great at art reviews so there's not really much more I can say, but I really do like this and hope your future work is of this quality!

*Review Request Club*

Really good!

This is my favourite submission from the Art Requests you posted in the RRC this week. It's got a lot more detail put into it, and everything looks great. The only issues I have with it are very minor nitpicks.

I like the detail, especially the details you put into the characters' clothing. The guitars also look cool and I like how each guitar has something to do with the character playing it (Nene's cleaver, Pico's gun, etc...). The background works very well over here - it looks good but doesn't interfere or contrast with the foreground.

I had a hard time finding anything wrong with this. Nene's pose did strike me as oddly unnatural, and as VividGrim pointed out there is a lack of shading on Pico's face. Also, the smoke coming out of Pico's gun guitar looks a tad bit weird, but as you can see these are just minor issues that can take all of a few minutes to fix.

All in all, this is my favourite piece of artwork I've seen from you so far. Keep up the good work.

-Review Request Club-

Great Concept

This is a very fun picture. I love the background and the simple but smooth shading. The two things that strike me as off are:

1) the middle player's pose; her torso seems uncomfortably twisted compared to the way her legs face. you could fix this by moving her left leg a bit more to the left and unbending it, with it facing to the left.

2) the right player's skin seems to have no shadows, even though his clothes and such do.

Other than that, it's a decent picture. I rate it at seven because there's still room for improvement - it just needs something to really make it pop, maybe deeper shadows and highlights.