Reviews for "Old: The Project Ep.0"

Really Great Job

This is the best stick animation I've seen in a while. It was very good. I like the addition of the small game at the preloader. It was worth the wait. Great sound. I gave it a 5. You and the submission are in my favorites.

kewl !

very kewl stick animation, I like the animation, it's very smooth and fast paced, this animation looks like it is going to be something awesome, but i would recommmend, that use some more sfx's like the gun's shooting, or ppl falling, those small things always make a difference the final product. Once again awesome animation, i'm looking forward to seeing more !!!

Cool stick movie.

I never thought I'd use the words "cool", "stick", and "movie" all in one sentence. But for this one, I did.

The graphics were very nice. It's good to see someone put effort into their graphics, even though it was stick it was still nicely done.

The sound was good. Your musical selections went well with what was going on and it just worked. The only problem I had with it was in the beginning when the intro song just stops. It would have been great if you faded out or something. But of course that is only minor.

The story was cool. I could have been given a bit more depth to the main character but if you wanted it to seem a little mysterious then you did just that.

Now for the best part of your movie, the violence. You're animation and everything was great. Bullet time and the blood were some of the great aspects of it. I always remind violent-Flash movie makers that the more blood, the better. I know it's childish but blood is awesome and your blood effects were real good.

W00t! All my 5 r belong to this!

Best stick movie i've seen

Yep, that was the best i've evr seen. It even had the best preloader i've ever seen. I also like all the detail u put into the guns, background, and ESPECIALLY that kick-ass bike! The voices kept it pretty humorous, it was good to actually hear what they say rather than to READ words. The worst part was seeeing the To Be Continued sign. I'll jus watch "The Project" and wait until u make front page with ur continued version : )

A great movie

Graphics: 10
Nicley animated, i loved the guns, the bike, and the sticks where also nicley animated

Sound: 7
Some of the voices sucked

Interactivity: 8
8 for the great preloader

Style: 5
Not into this stick thingey

Violence: 10
Blood, parts from the brain, what more do you need?

Humor: 0
It isnt supposed to be funny, or is it 0.o

Keep up the good work, i will stay tuned for part 1

ZT responds:

Your review
Substance: 9/10
Structure: 9/10
Goodness: 8/10
Overall: 8.75/10

uhmm, yeah.
Thanks for the review.