Reviews for "Burnt Face Man"

Very amusing

Haha ok as soon as i hit play this was {FUNNY} and the {VOICES} are very well done with the animation, i thought maybe you could ad some subtitles not that it needs it or anything but it would be a nice feature to have on this delightful series, I am suprised i have not seen it before, it was not very long but still suprisinly good, and gave me a chuckle so very nice effort on the humor, allthough i thought it could be somewhat funnier, maybe a few more {JOKES} in there and alot more laughing to go with, its ok just seemed like it could have done with abit more laughter i thought, the {CHARACTER} is well drawn in that cute like way, and with the voices it was just right, but again wish it was longer with more scenes and other places he goes and all, but with all that said i did have delightful time with this so very nice job, if anything is to be suggested on improving this i might go with {SUBTITLES} being the top issue but nothing too major.

so as said, make it funnier maybe a few more funnier jokes, more longer and more differant scenes, This was not hard to understand, but it would be a nice option to have some subtitles, gives the flash just that bit more effort, and incase anything was missed you have the text right there. but other then that it was a good lil flash you have here.

Burnt face man you cant get enough of him


hail to burnface man

LOl the Shou ryu ken epic


sixflab shut da fhuk up i hate ppl who actinteligent lyk dat


So many jokes condensed into this piece - you've used every opportunity to throw in another pun/pop-culture reference or silly joke that may just be the one to finally make our face crack. A smile. Seriously, in situations where others would just just progress the 'plot', you use every opportunity to throw in another joke. God forbid the pace would ever slow down. The graphics could be a lot better and whilst they don't hinder the animation, nicer graphics, maybe something more stylish even if not more complex, would be a bonus.The voices are excellent and I can't wait to start watching some of this series.


Yeah goooo Burnt face man!!!!