Reviews for "Nuclear Arsenal--_--"

Love the mix

Just when I thought it was another generic track. It came out and surprised me with a great mix and some original sounds of guitar and synths. You got my vote. Check out my songs Please.

PERVOK responds:

I didn't have a single guitar in this song, dude.


Hot sass sir. This has such an interesting vibe to it. By no means conventional, as is the deal with most of your dnb, but interesting and fun all the same. I'm not sure how compression can make a drum kit shoot through the mix. My understanding is that compression is basically de-amplification to avoid clipping... but I'm a fucking dumb ass so shoot me/ correct me if I'm wrong :D

I honestly don't know what to think. This is such an original piece. Your reese lines are always so much fun. Guh! The drum breaks we're hot sass too. Amazing work sir.

PERVOK responds:

Compression can also be used to aomplify, dude; I suggest you check it out :) It's a lot of fun and you make make some really gnarly drum sounds.

Thanks for the review, man!


more downloads than votes :D ... people are so stoked that they just download it and forget to vote...sweet sounds, nice breaks and good bass


lol xd

Awesome, and the part at the center reminds me a bit of... pokemon? XD

looking for a nuclear song

and I found this! holy shit! nice job! I really love this stuff! nice work!