Reviews for "Nuclear Arsenal--_--"


more downloads than votes :D ... people are so stoked that they just download it and forget to vote...sweet sounds, nice breaks and good bass



You had a good dnb sound going on, but it does lack a true dnb structure, and eventually strays more towards a tech step song by bringing in more melody and lowering the bass and beat. A general structure outline in my opinion would be an intro between 0:45's and 1:45's with a light beat and no strong basslines and then a build up to the bass drop and then of course the drop at which point a DJ can switch to playing just your song. Watch for melodies, especially in the intro and with saws. I find it very hard to get a cool drum n bass synth.

Anyways before I end up all over the place with random comments, try to keep this in mind: DnB is meant to be mixed and needs to be very versatile in it's intros. Very smooth and low key, then when you hit the bass drop that's the real time to show us what you got. This song was still enjoyable though, at least it got to my favorites. Anyways, Cheers


PERVOK responds:

Thanks for the tips, but my DnB tracks will always have melodies because I really, really like them. I don't really care if it can be mixed or not, I only care if someone can enjoy the song alone by itself.

Has beat

What else could i say, its good but i wouldent listen to it for long

PERVOK responds:

Of course it "has beat", silly :3


Hot sass sir. This has such an interesting vibe to it. By no means conventional, as is the deal with most of your dnb, but interesting and fun all the same. I'm not sure how compression can make a drum kit shoot through the mix. My understanding is that compression is basically de-amplification to avoid clipping... but I'm a fucking dumb ass so shoot me/ correct me if I'm wrong :D

I honestly don't know what to think. This is such an original piece. Your reese lines are always so much fun. Guh! The drum breaks we're hot sass too. Amazing work sir.

PERVOK responds:

Compression can also be used to aomplify, dude; I suggest you check it out :) It's a lot of fun and you make make some really gnarly drum sounds.

Thanks for the review, man!

Rockin' the bass

love the heaviness of the track. you really know your shit man. and the voice clip is an absolutely essential part of the track.