Reviews for "F E A R"

Great but.....

that was damn good but the ending kind off brought the mood into somewhat of a joke atmosphere...i didnt like the ending at all i think it would have been better fit in if she actually just died in the closet and the the screen zoomed away from the house...music cut off...and the babies crying stayed....it would fit the erie mood better to the movie.....i'm not an animator or i'd do somthing like that...i have no skill...well tahts what i think...great work 1 of the best i've ever seen on here!

Well to be honest i don't get scared in anyways

but still it was great the story line about how a girl goes through her nightmare of everything going great then all the sudden all goes wrong and all that even has a face shows fear in her hearts her parents dead... her teddybeared zombie... then all the sudden a little girl she sees at the end of the hall... only to find herself running away from a zombie that looked like her the graphics and sound fitted the movie very well and at first i expected at the end for something surprising to happen but the only thing i think would be better if she opened the door only to find the street crawling with the worst you can find and then as she run back the zombie girl kills her but anyways very nice


Please excuse me while i go and change my pants, lolz nah just kidding but seriously the intro to this movie and throughout i must have seen the best flash animation since legendary frog, oh yeah and plz next time use your awesome flash animation skills for good instead of evil, in other words do a comedy next time!


thats some well animated freaky ass shit


Scary thing is i've had a dream just like that...