Reviews for "F E A R"

yes finally a really cool flash

i love your work dude i know you put hell of a time on this and its worth it

this is one of my very very favorit flash ever made and i hope you make alot more becuse its just soo cool bro

nice very nice

5 oo 5 every day


dead serious dude...i wuz like holy shit wtf is that white thing??? then the chick crawling on the wall...then like b4 that...her family wuz dead-like lol aww man it wuz great cya!

trippin out

saw it on shrooms...
fucked me up...


Excelent truly excelent that was by far the best flash movie i have ever seen you have some real talent thats why you deserve 10's on evey thing even stuff that wasent in the movie keep up the good work and make more stuff like this


Awesome...need i say more!