Reviews for "F E A R"

Had shivers entire time

Another great submission.

Perfect...what else?

I dig red riding hood (it's kind of a classic now, showed it to all my friends and they all loved it) and most of your anims. I just like it, call it style or talent or whatever it is, it's just that you've got it.

(very good trailer too)

Pretty Effing Awesome

I really like this one. The graphics could have been better, but I can clearly see what you were aiming for. It has a dark and creepy plot (I love videos with dark and creepy plots).

You, apparently, have a talent for making horror videos.

Poor girl

What a nightmare she didn't deserve that dream she's just a poor child. But that was a extraordinary horror movie why aren't you horror movie director god dam it. You would be even more successful than The Saw.


It's got some pretty rough elements to it, but that's because this is one of your earlier flash movies. Despite this, it is still a pretty damn good movie. You really captured the true sense of a nightmare, it felt like a pretty damn good movie, stylistic, scary, and just plain interesting.