Reviews for "F E A R"

Not bad i guess

When I saw the title I was expected somthing that would make me wanna log out and leave my computer. This just made me bored and yawn.


That was amazing! The graphic were really good and it was pretty freaky.

OMG... it's been 3 years...

since I first saw this. I've been searching for it on and off since then... I've even had dreams, as I remembered the way it was drawn and how it progressed up until the part where she looks at the photo and it becoming bloody.

I'm not kidding.

I seriously remembered it, but unfortunately completely forgot the name. I remembered it mostly because I wanted the a similar style of this drawing and animation for an idea of an animation I thought of while listening to Ballet of Rain by DinoHunter. An animation that was all based on the music and no voice acting. The audio for that song is 2:14 minutes. LOL ... brings back memories, I worked on the timing on how things would work & had to listen to the audio, at least, a dozen times. I wonder if I still have my storyboard back home... guess I won't know til August =( ... I hope I remember to PM you when that time comes. =)

To 904wizarddude: It's not scary in your way doesn't mean it's not scary in its own intent. Yea, it doesn't startle you and make you jump outta your seat, but the story behind it is very powerful. I certainly wouldn't want to be in that little girls position... nightmare or not.

this wasent scarey it was stupid

i mean come on anyone wouldnt be scared of that piece of crap i mean i seen jason more scarey than this make it better


I love this. The art, the smooth animation, the music, the plot are all stellar. It's a nightmare and it *feels* like a nightmare. I like how she's silent, but it's obvious that she screams. Very well done.