Reviews for "F E A R"

Freakin' spooky.

Yep. It scared me.

Good choice on the soundtrack. Animation was nice. Pretty good story.

Nice job.

not all that good

a good horror must contain a beginning, middle, and a good, sometimes surprising, ending. it seems to me that you jumped right into the end, were all the horrors are unleashed. plus, the ending was not good


you should make a game like this.

holy crap

i cant believe how scary sad and disturbing........ and wonderful fresh and creative and beutifully drawn this is! i will make 10 acccounts to raate this 5!

Finally! Good Horror!

This is what the horror genre is supposed to be! Sadly, now-a-days it has turned into a simple slaughter-fest to see who can make the goriest film. This is nice and creepy and reminds me of the early days of Silent Hill... Great Job!