Reviews for "F E A R"

Now thats a Nightmare

I'm happy i don't have such bad dreams.

Nice and erotic.

That little girl was hot!


the music and the colors mixed and matched well and the animation was well put in,of course it wont have a story or a plot cause is a nightmare and nightmares do jump out of nowhere and u never know wen to expect them that's y i thought this flash short was very good....but u kinda killed the suspense that's what makes a nightmare scary,not knowing wen is coming. overall 9/10

not bad

not that scary but scary nonetheless i jumped 0 time when watching i was hooked i dont normally watch horror infact this is the first time i think

I jumped about 10 times watching this.

This is real horror! If this video does not scare you, you are really brave! Great visuals, really spooky visuals and creepy story! Best horror video I`ve ever seen!