Reviews for "F E A R"

This is actually better than most horror movies on TV. I swear horror movies today are just blood and gore. Don't get me wrong, I like blood and gore, but it's not really scary. This on the other hand gives me a little chills imaging stuff like this to happen to me.

Truly a disturbing and unsettling dream. While the art/animation could've been better, the graphics still kept to the video's message. I remember seeing this several years ago, thinking that the music was something completely custom-made to the ominous and frantic vibe of this movie. BUT! In a recent DVD Buying Binge I stumbled onto the source of that track! I am amazed that anyone out there really remembered a show as obscure and strange as .Hack//Sign! Synching up that audio, let alone being aware of it and using it is an impressive feat. I really got to hand it you, Nice Work

I remember the day this came out. Still has some good animation today. Very smoothly running for what you had to work with. More importantly, it's still scary.

You have great ideeas

You have great ideeas, but you need to make the graphics work in tandem with them. It is a verry good clip, but you could make it even better with some better graphics.
Nontheless, thumbs up!

i can relate

i have dreams like this all the time D: