Reviews for "F E A R"

I've been searching for this animation years ago.
I watched it when i was like between 7 and 9yo (i am 21 right now) and i had it stuck in my mind since then. For me this was something extremely scary.

Don't know why or how it shocked me that much at that time, right now it doesn't shock me at all.
But still, it is an amazing work.

I'm really glad to have finally found it, i have waited so much to see it again.

yes! dude u r an ace! ♥ it u manage 2 impress me. keep it up Jerry! ♥ the music as well from the bonus the Alien report. GOOD JOB DUDE!


I love how dark everything is as to leave it to the imagination of the person watching, keeping it a dark and creepy mystery.

Pretty creepy place to live in.