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Reviews for "chase me"

That was weird. Well, you make weird stuff all the time, but the style was quite different than you. It was weird to have a music video without any words. Well, I guess there technically was some dialogue in it. It was just hard to figure out what was going on. You really used a different animation technique here.

Ninjas are always cool. I'm not used to them being green. It's surreal even by your standards. I did feel kind of bad for that dog. The use of lower case was weird too.


It's kinda boring for a while, but then it gets pretty good. Loved the part when the dog dishonours them both. LOL It is true!

Simplistic but good

While there wasn't much to this flash, it was very enjoyable to watch. I loved the music, and the animation fit very well with it. The graphics were rather simple, and while it helped the feel, it ended up not being overly enjoyable for that reason.

Also, I found the easter egg, but actually clicking it didn't do anything. That kinda defeated the purpose of having one. Still, a very nice flash overall.


The sign that says more cowvell is the hidden link. but i don't know how to access it...

I enjoyed it very much.

This was a neat flash,i like the concept of it on how the ninja just runs past so many random things all to a song i really enjoyed,the animation was solid and overall this was a great flash for it being one of your earlier projects back in 2004 but in my eyes it still deserves a 10.