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Reviews for "Now you're gone preview"

nice one

incredible nice mash-up , you should make more

Mackity responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. Apprecitate the review.


hot shit n***ahh i wanna do dis u bitch ;)

and fuck u sessilenomad... u bitch n***a, wtf u mean dont ruin techno music? muh fucka, stop suckin dick and learn to apreciate good music muh fucka, its a got damn preview... means its not done bitch. take the fuckin name into consideration u fuckin cunt hatin dick lovin faggot fuckin toe suckin man butt eatin homo thug wannabe

Mackity responds:

Hahah I see you took care of the gay guy before I could, thanks my n***a. For the review, and for the faggot bashing.

THIS IS G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All i have to say is G!

Off basshunter but...

better than the original, trust me!

Mackity responds:

Thanks man glad you liked it.

This is good as hell

why come you never finished this song?

Mackity responds:

dunno yo, glad you liked it tho.. you might just be the reason i do finish it.