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Reviews for "Falling into Madness"

Madness stuff is just the best :)

he never gets bored from his killingspree game

two words....


Yet another fantastic art piece by you! You are probably the best artist of the Madness series, besides Krinkels himself. I just think it's an awesome notion, to show these characters getting shot as they fall down. There's tons of other injuries going on too. Just look at how some guys are getting impaled by shards of glass. I also love how the bullet shells are flying around everywhere.

The red tint and other colors are flawlessly done too. I think that the cigarettes are leaving smoke as they fall down, but then I realize those are the gun shots. It's great how it's this red vortex going nowhere. There's an amazing number of awesome stuff just flying around here. You deserve to be the most prolific art reviewer, friend! I love how the blood flies through the place.

Hank is fucked if he reach the floor