Reviews for "Monkey Mischief Night 2"


That was good. I like it but something is kinda bugging me. Not to point a finger in your face or anything but everytime I see a flash movie using mario sprites I always see the same castles that VGDC made for ROTMK. It seems like people cant just make a mario flash anymore without stealing some of his ideas so really all these movies are getting somewhat old. Of course the ideas that you are using in your flash are of the more original I have seen out of all the newer mario flash movies.

Gotta love the sequal!

The first one wasnt like this one. The first was random with different characters jumping in and out of the scene while this one was more professional. Even though this does have a good connection between the first and this one. Cant wait for the sequal Blowdor!

aye... totally gr8

Im a huge sprite fan! This was a really nice movie! That monkey sure looked like mario ;D Hahaha will be waiting for conclusion!


Well, the graphics were sprites (which I love so much) So that gets you a 5 in graphics, and they were animated perfectly, which gets you another 5.. The sound was fitting and funny, there was a lot of style in that, new things people hadnt tried, stuff like that.. Violence.. Some of it (pwn slide, :p) Had GREAT humor, could have been more though.. The only thing I really didnt like is the sudden transition from funny to serious (luigi suddenly appearing and making the movie more serious, and non random).. Okok, Fine, I also didnt like that the other monkey dissapeared. But other than that, this movie was bloody brilliant!


Blordow responds:

thanks alot =D


A nice long 8bit flash ;D