Reviews for "Monkey Mischief Night 2"

HOLY %^&*

That was bloody good! I cant wait till the nexr one comes out!
Can you be so kind enough yo reply to this message just saying what sort of time will it be coming out?

Blordow responds:

I have no idea when the next one will come out. But don't worry there will be a sequal I'm just not sure when I'll start.

Not very good

This wasn't very good. I'm tired of sprites, but some people like them. Anyways.. I didn't like it and I didn't watch it all the way through.. It needs to have more excitment or humour towards the begining to catch the viewers attention.

Awesome ^_^

It was great. Better than the first, better humour and the scenery was better and it just added an even better feeling to the movie. Anyway, nice job, and keep it up! ;)

Blordow responds:

thanks man, yeah I liked it better too ^_^


Dude great submission this one! One of the best sprite movies made on NG.

Blordow responds:

=O I'm glad you said that, thanks =)


I like it, nice work...
But why'd you use music from the Legend of Zelda?
Thats why I gave you a 10 in sound