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Reviews for "Metroid Confusion: Part 1"

I saw Homestar Runner!

Best. Cameo. Ever.

This was coolio.

And MichelMichel, Famicom means "family computer system" but shorter. Cool animation too.

Nicely done!

The animation was mediocre, but it was quite funny! Good work. Someone stole this and put it on Youtube, which is almost like an honor for NG submissions, albeit a pain in the ass.

about to the discription

really? then what dose "Famicom" means? i thought it ment Nintendo since, well the "Super Famicom" is the japanese verision of "Super Nintendo"... anyway this movie was pretty funny, well animated and nice sound 5/5 10/10

Nice Flash

Pretty entertaining throughout with a ridiculously funny plot (cookies). 9 from me.