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Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z -Is That OK"


That was great! I love Vegeta...

LMFAO really funny!

i really like it ^^ its so funnny that i cant stop from seeing it!!
Tien-:As a matter of the fact it isn't
Vegeta-:Shut up!! you only had one useless thing to say since you got here!
Tien-:As a matter of the fact.....
Vegeta-:*transforms into super sayan* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Final flash!!
Tien-:No chiaotzu!!!!!!!!
And then he dies xD really funyy man keep doing things like this


this movies not bad. keep workin


dude that was frikin awesome


Amazing! It's amazing how you redid all of the scenes EXACTLY as they were in DBZ. Really, it's flawless. Awesome use of audio as well.

This kicks ass, good job.