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Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z -Is That OK"


I loved this! I am actually a big fan of DBZ, and watching parodies is fun. The graphics were very nice, and the sound was fromt he show, although at least it was very clear. I thought it was a funny idea, especially the part that is now engraved into my mind.."as a matter of fact, it isn't" ..... gah you've poisoned me. But very good flash! Gets a 5 from me.

This was cool!

This flash was awesome! You did really good with the audio. It made it seem just like the show. It also was funny. I think you should make more episodes. If you do you have to put Tien in it. He's the one that made the whole thing funny. I also want you know that im giving this a 5. Good job.

Is this flash dumb?
Tien- As a matter of fact it isnt.


One word to say it all: Hilarious.


LMAO this is the funneist DBZ movie!!!

As a matter of fact it isn't

hahaha this is so hilarious its unbelievable how stupid Tien is sometimes lol....Tien: As a matter of fact it isn't.