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Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z -Is That OK"


VERY GOOD - people that gave this a "0" because its a children's cartoon, get a fucking life you gay losers.

This animator kicks ass, and his work shows it, so don't blame him for being better than you.


first off i really like tien, he is one of my favorite dbz characters, but still that was really funny and excellently done as far as graphics, i didnt like the fact that tien died...is that ok?

Vegeta: Men in Pink, How bizarre!

Tien: As a matter of fact, it isnt!

LMAO!!! Dont listen to the negative responses, They probably never understood DBZ from the start.


i liked your flash.
Is that OK?

Tien:as a matter of fact, it isn't

thats it, Final FLash!

tien: ow

LMAO hahahaha wow, i luved it

hahaha i'm a big DBZ fan and how u put all those sounds together, lol that was amazing...the art is superb, i think this was a great animation, keep it up and make another one like it, lol...oh and just a curiousity ho long did it take u to make that?