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Reviews for "JD - Madness Theme (Uprising)"


Definately has that Resident Evil feel to it. I love the Resident Evil music. As for what Halo9184 said, it depends on which one you speak of. It sounds similar to the first live action RE movie, however, it had a child's play (not the movie) melody to it. Only more sinister and dark.

Anyways! 10/10, 5/5

Isn't this the theme

Im pretty sure this is the theme for resident evil, but just a rmx of course

Exelente cancion

Me recuerda un poco a resident evil, pero fuera de ahi inspira a escribir, oirla por mucho tiempo y no te cansa, el ritmo es genial, los sonidos interesantes y profundos.

Recomiendo al artista y mis felicitaciones por esta gran obra de arte.

Resident Evil

I can imagine this being played in one of the live action Resident Evil movies. Nicely done.


ahhh good old mad times