Reviews for "Salad Fingers"


what fuked up world creepy

weirdness flows

you should make a series of this i think it would be a big hit


I said I'd write a review for this too, and lo! I am here.

I think his tiny "orgasmic" noises were perhaps the best thing in the animation, plus the slow strokes against random rusted items made it all the more amusing. His carefree type of facial expression throughout the movie gives it a lighter atmosphere to balance the "wierdness" of it.

Love it. ^-^

Almost Orgasmic!!

The feeling when I see Salad Fingers is almost orgasmic. What I would really like to watch is a Salad Fingers movie. Like, 1 hour and a half of his sick, twisted, dark little mind would warp the mind of everyone of its viewers! Maaaaaan... I really want more of this!

the guy who gave u a 2/10 is the homo

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