Reviews for "Salad Fingers"


I love this entire Series. I'm not gonna say its some master piece but Its just as good as it needs to be to pull off the unique quality of the story.

"I still like rusty spoons..."

Since it's beginning, Salad Fingers has always been one of my favorite series.


Hello and im david firth and i rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u rock


This is genious, I love the Salad Fingers collection. The only thing that creeped me out in this one was him talking about "orgasmic", lol! Joking, it's really good, I would like to take a peek on David Firth's head to see what's going on in there...

BTW, LulzMan69, a "funny site"? Heh *smirk* you should look around more atentivelly, it's not all sunshine and flowers, buddy.


I fucking, and I mean fucking LOVE Salad Fingers =)
Incredibly twisted and entertaining..